The photography of Ellen Rodgers bleeds sensuality, it is as rich as the magenta haze and autumnal reds that saturate it. Her photography speaks a language of languid, hazy dream imagery. It captures her most loved subjects, such as ritual, religion and the occult. There is often a thick layer of mystery attached to her portraits, a soft darkness that engulfs the viewer. 


Rodger’s use of colour, opulent yet delicate colour, resonates through her photography leaving behind traces of nostalgia, melancholy and  a uniquely haunting beauty that intrigues. Unlike so many of her contemporaries, Rodgers work is not digital but old-school analogue glamour. 

Inside ‘ABERRANT NECROPOLIS’, there is a hidden layer, you must read it like a maze then unlock it’s intrinsic puzzle. This intimate secrecy is not just visualised in her photography, but is the very essence of it. This can only come from hours spent experimenting in a dark rooms, hours spent wiling away into other realms, and translated into photo we glimpse dreams & memories of another place and time. 


 I have just purchased a singed-print from her store here


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